“Invented by Sicilian immigrants in New Orleans at the turn of the 20th century, the muffaletta (also commonly spelled muffuletta) is a hallmark of New Orleans butcher shop and sandwich counter Cochon Butcher. They actually make two: the traditional Muffaletta with deli meats and olive salad on a Sicilian roll, and the Gambino, a more traditional sandwich with an herb vinaigrette on ciabatta.” Read More

“Build your ultimate meaty sandwich at this hybrid butcher shop, deli counter, and wine bar. Inspired by Old World meat markets, Cochon Butcher specializes in house-cured meats, terrines, and sausages. The lines can get long at lunch, making the simple pleasure of sitting at the bar with a drink and a bite feel like a luxury.” Read More

“…Then I smelled something. The odors of roasting pork and toasting bread formed a cloud that grabbed me by the nostrils and yanked me into Cochon Butcher. The woman behind the counter recommended the pork belly sandwich, and then she mixed me an Old Fashioned. I finished off the meal with a peanut butter and jelly cookie. From that moment, I was hooked.” Read More